SANZAAR to amend heat protocol

March 20, 2024 7:20 am

[File Photo]

Swire Shipping Fijian Drua head coach Mick Byrne has raised concerns about potential moves by Super Rugby Pacific competition organisers known as SANZAAR to amend the heat protocols.

Heat Protocols are guidelines set by the world governing body – World Rugby – for when temperature and humidity for a match reach certain levels.

Above certain temperatures, water breaks are introduced.

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Byrne has expressed concern today that Super Rugby Pacific may want to change the heat protocol for the competition which may benefit teams visiting coming to play in places like Fiji.

“For some reason, they have decided to incorporate heat protocols to. I don’t know…I wouldn’t imagine…they weren’t worried up about the heat in Melbourne or the heat in Christchurch, they worried about the heat here so we will just see where that ends up”

Byrne says that he was a bit taken aback by this information.

“It had come to my attention today that SANZAAR board- a separate heat protocol outside of World Rugby protocols which I find a little bit of interesting given that when we played here against Crusaders it was 28 degrees and only 46 degrees humidity probably one of the coldest weekend we had here”

However, the head coach says they will see how it goes.

Meanwhile, a doubleheader will be played at Churchill Park this Saturday with the Fijian Drua set to face Waratahs at 1.05 pm before the women’s clash at 3.35 pm.

You can watch it LIVE on the FBC Sports HD Channel.