Ravula loving the pressure

March 31, 2024 7:56 am

Isaiah Armstrong-Ravula

Swire Shipping Fijian Drua fly-half Isaiah Armstrong-Ravula says pressure is part of the game that he has grown to love.

Ravula played a pivotal role in their consecutive victory against the Western Force yesterday, recording an impressive 16 points.

He asserts that he consistently ensures the job is done effectively, particularly when his teammates take the lead.

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“My uncle Ritchie always talking about pressure, you know you got to love it and obviously it’s crazy when you’re out there lining up to kick, all eyes on you and you got a minute on the clock and you are just meant to handle it but I just enjoy it and it’s good fun whether I miss or get it pressure is always there.”

Isaiah Armstrong-Ravula

He says that this is something the players will need to adapt to, whether they prefer it or not.

They will take on Melbourne Rebels in round seven of the Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific at 8.35pm on Friday.

You can watch it LIVE on the FBC Sports HD channel.