Sheraton Golf Classics to rake in $2m

May 24, 2023 6:06 am

[Source: Sheraton Fiji Golf & Beach Resort/ Facebook]

240 golfers will be competing in the three-day prestigious Sheraton Golf Classics which kicks off today.

Tournament Director Richard Ellis says this includes 60 professional and 180 amateurs which includes overseas golfers playing over four rounds.

Ellis says this is the 11th tournament they are hosting and by October last year, the spots were all sold out which indicates the strength of the Sheraton Golf Classics.

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He says this is a big boost to Fiji’s already rapidly growing sports tourism.

“Golf or these events is probably bringing something like $2m to the economy over the 2 weeks that we are here and these people spend a lot as golfers, they spend a lot at the big hotels and they go out to the communities and spend as well.”

Ellis says there are some very good players taking part in the tournament which will create good competition.

The total prize money is $140,000 for the comp.