Tailevu Zone steps up a notch

April 13, 2024 7:15 am

Tailevu Zone officials implemented advanced technology such as the photo finish machine and Electronic Distance measuring equipment to improve accuracy and reduce the possibility of human error.

This is the first time such equipment has been used at any schools athletics zone meet.

Meet Manager Waisiki Koroivulavou says that officials aimed for an error-free event to honour the students’ hard work in training.

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“Seeing the results of our 100m, 200m and 400m, yes we have lifted things up to another level and it’s really amazing to see our students and athletes who are participating for this 2024 Tailevu Zone.”

Koroivulavou adds there’s a significant difference noted with these equipment in place.

Meanwhile, Ratu Kadavulevu School and Tailevu North College retained the boy’s and girl’s division titles at the Tailevu Zone that concluded yesterday at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.