Women volunteers recognized for their resilience

March 8, 2024 4:18 pm

More than 30 women from across the Northern Division were recognized and acknowledged for their hard work, resilience, and determination at the community level as volunteers.

Fiji Red Cross Society Director General Ragigia Dawai says that these women have closely worked in the community, assisting women, children with special needs, and the elderly, especially in times of disaster and emergencies.

She says women volunteers are instrumental in coordinating, cooperating, and implementing work at the community level, which is part of the diversity and inclusivity of recognizing women in rural communities.

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Dawai has also acknowledged men who have been great supporters of women’s empowerment in communities and at the national level.

“I have had the opportunity to serve under some great leaders who are not women but men, like Deputy Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka, and he was instrumental in my earlier professional life, empowering women to reach their full potential. While we acknowledge women in all walks of life, we also acknowledge men who have provided us with that opportunity.”

Today marks International Women’s Day, and women volunteers are known to be the first responders during natural disasters, sacrificing their time and effort to assist individuals who need it most.