Wind turbine project on hold as Rokosuka given 21 days

February 22, 2024 4:46 pm

Suspended Permanent Secretary for Fisheries and Forestry, Atelaite Rokosuka [File Photo]

The $122 million wind turbine project, signed through an agreement between American-based company Infinite Power Clean Energy PTE LTD and the Fisheries Ministry in November last year, has been put on hold.

Public Service Commission Chair Luke Rokovada confirmed this, revealing that post-agreement signing, the government identified shortcomings in meeting due processes.

Rokovada highlights that the suspended Permanent Secretary for Fisheries and Forestry, Atelaite Rokosuka, has been granted a 21-day period to address allegations related to the signed deal.

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The government, upon scrutiny, found that the established agreements failed to adhere to the required due process, prompting further investigation.

“We are already envisioning what next step we will take. Get their response first and see what their response is like before we decide on the next step. Whether we call for more investigation, more forensic investigations, which we have not done.”

Highlighting the commitment to accountability and ethical conduct, Rokovada states that these principles form the core focus of the Public Service Commission.

The suspended Permanent Secretary has been given until March 1st to provide a formal response to the Commission as the government seeks clarification and resolution regarding the procedural irregularities surrounding this substantial clean energy initiative.