WHO provides lab equipment to enhance testing

May 28, 2024 12:15 pm

The World Health Organization has supplied $92,000 worth of lab equipment to the Department of Water and Sewage today.

Minister for Public Works, Meteorological Services, and Transport, Ro Filipe Tuisawau, says the support will assist the ministry in the fulfillment of their recently launched Water Strategy 2050.

Ro Filipe says the equipment will enhance and improve the testing capacity of the lab, which will ensure the reformation of the structure of the water delivery services in the country.

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“So organizations such as WHO greatly assist the government in this regard. Not only that, but the data collected from having such equipment will be critical in terms of the Ministry’s assessment and also ensure that our policies or decisions are researched and compiled in terms of verifiable and scientific data. Beneficiaries, as I mentioned earlier, the WHO assistance comes in a timely manner and will contribute towards achieving our plan.”

UN Health Organization Team Coordinator, Dr. Tomo Kanda, stresses the importance of water sanitation and hygiene.

“Water sanitation and hygiene is one of the biggest issues in the countries, and WHO would like to collaborate with this ministry, not only on the logistical water pipe and setting the water infrastructure but also with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services. Once we settle the good water line pipe, which is infrastructure, we would like to also maintain the quality of the water, which is through surveillance and also water comes to the family health facilities.”

Kanda adds that the World Health Organization will continue to work closely with the ministry to strengthen water safety and assist the ministry in achieving safe water for all.