WAF considers action against contractor

April 12, 2024 4:33 pm

Seru Soderberg

The Water Authority of Fiji is considering taking action against the contractor that damaged the main pipeline along Princes Road in Tamavua yesterday morning.

Chief Operating Officer Seru Soderberg says the Authority is strongly considering options against the contractor who was working for a telecommunications company.

Soderberg says this includes the cost of repairs for plant and labour, water carting costs, and other expenses incurred as the result of the contractor’s alleged negligence.

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“To look at what breaches occurred in terms of what has transpired and caused the contractor to then rupture our main.”

Soderberg says based on the results of the investigation, they will take the necessary action and hold people accountable for damaging public assets.

He states the cost of the damage is yet to be determined, as the repairs will take time.