WAF announces progress in Savura Road pipe repair

March 31, 2024 7:56 am

[Source: WAF]

The Water Authority of Fiji reveals several significant milestones in the ongoing repair and restoration efforts following the recent pipe damage along Savura Road.

According to WAF, welding works on the 600 main have been successfully completed, marking a crucial step towards the full reinstatement of water services in the affected areas.

Subsequently, backfilling and pipe stabilization works are currently underway to ensure the structural integrity of the repaired pipeline.

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Furthermore, the Water Authority has announced that the damaged raw water line is now back online, facilitating the resumption of water supply production at the Tamavua treatment plant.

[Source: WAF]

However, WAF notes that there may be a lag in water treatment due to the initial influx of raw water, which is a standard operational procedure.

As restoration efforts progress, water services will gradually be restored to affected areas. While significant improvements in water availability are anticipated today, complete restoration may take some time as the system is pressurized for hydraulic stability.

Certain low-lying areas, such as Rewa Street to lower Nailuva, have already begun receiving supply, and efforts are underway to normalize supply to all affected areas.

The Water Authority of Fiji reassures residents that every effort is being made to expedite the restoration of water services.