Village road woes endanger water supply to Labasa residents

February 29, 2024 6:20 am

The supply of water to Labasa town and nearby areas faces a threat as resource owners contemplate shutting off the source.

Village Headman of Viriqilai Village, Kasiano Vusonilawe, asserts their pleas for road upgrades have gone unheard for years.

According to him, villagers have been compelled to trek several kilometres to access public transportation, clinging to the hope that the coalition government will intervene.

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Vusonilawe says the road serves two villages, Naselevu and Viriqilai, which are home to over 600 people and are also the owners of the water source supplying Labasa and its surrounding areas.

“Because our roads have been neglected, villagers have not been able to go and sell their produce at the market, people have moved out of the villages, and it is very hard to take sick people to the hospital and women in labour.”

Vusonilawe states they intend to exercise their rights as resource owners by cutting off the water supply to Labasa if their plea is not addressed.

“We are hoping that Rabuka and his good government will come to the rescue. Last year we wrote a letter to the government asking for help again, and that is also the first time we put them on notice about our intention to close off the water supply.”

Vusonilawe asserts that the people of the two villages were promised road repairs during the campaign by the People Alliance.

The people of these two villages are solely requesting the repair of their roads, as for them, this road signifies opportunities.

We are currently attempting to obtain comments from the government.