TikTok use and mental health issues related: USP academic

December 11, 2023 6:03 am

The use of social media platform, TikTok amongst youths is attributing to a lot of mental health issues.

This was highlighted by University of the South Pacific Psychology coordinator Dr Annie Crookes.

Dr Crookes claims there is a relation between TikTok and increased mental health issues, as many youths are active on the social media space.

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“The research shows that definitely there is a relation between increased uses of social media in general and including tik tok with mental health issues anxiety depression and things like bullying and all those things.”

Dr Crookes also mentions that the research regarding TikTok is fairly new, and it is quite hard to ascertain its impacts on youths.

“Issues we are also seeing problematic use of TikTok as well so we don’t call it an addiction or dependence in a way we would talk about drugs addiction.”

Dr Crookes says that young people need to be educated and given a chance to decide for themselves.