The coalition government is here to stay: Gavoka

January 6, 2023 6:41 am

[File Photo]

Deputy Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka reassures that the current administration is determined to work together.

Coalition governments in the past have never worked well together but promise that history will not repeat itself.

Time will tell how strong this coalition is as they get their boots on the ground and govern Fiji for the next four years.

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Gavoka says this time it’s different as all three parties were critical of the FijiFirst administration and wanted change.

“Look I can state very categorically today that everyone in the coalition is determined to make it work, and that has been evident in the last few days and is an indication that this will survive, that this will produce the result we want for the country.”

Gavoka further states that the leadership is willing to put politics aside and focus on elevating Fiji’s development state.

“We have good leaders, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers and the cabinet ministers, they’re all very high-quality people, and you can be rest assured that the Fiji economy and the Fiji way of life is gonna remain intact and grow from strength to strength going forward.”

Coalition governments can increase accountability and achieve long-term success, but stability requires respect, listening, and compromise, which can be difficult over a four-year term with conflicting ideologies and political opinions at play.