Tailored programs to fill employment sector gaps

May 21, 2024 6:25 am

We are not here to compete with other universities but to look at the gaps that exist in the employment sector.

Director of Pacific Polytech, Peni Taoi, highlighted this while expressing his views on the shortage of skilled labour.

Taoi says that all the programs that they are conducting have gone through various research relating to the constraining issues that Fiji is currently facing.

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“We identify those skill sets, and we’ll bring them forward. We develop those programs. So that is how we do that. We do not close ourselves. When there is a demand, when there is a need, we will attack that. So that is the way Pacific Polytech is here to assist in the future.”

He adds that there has been an increase in the enrollment of students in their programs when compared to previous years.

Taoi says that this year’s 300 students have graduated from their programs, and 1,222 have graduated from the micro-credential that encompasses the eight weeks’ programs.