Ratu Naiqama’s visit deepens ties with Fijian diaspora in Canberra

February 25, 2024 4:45 pm

[ Source:Parliament of the Republic of Fiji /Facebook]

The Fijian diaspora in Canberra warmly welcomed the Speaker of Parliament, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, and his accompanying delegation at the Fiji Chancery, marking a significant moment of unity and connection.

Expressing gratitude to the Fijian diaspora for their warm reception, the Hon. Speaker acknowledged their dedication to supporting their families in Fiji while still actively engaging with their Fijian roots abroad.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining ties with Fiji and appreciated the diaspora’s continued commitment to their homeland.

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During the gathering, the Turaga Tui Cakau provided insight into the purpose of their visit, highlighting the significance of learning from their counterparts in the Australian parliament, particularly regarding oversight and scrutiny work undertaken by committees.

The delegation aims to gain valuable insights to strengthen parliamentary processes and governance in Fiji.

The Speaker extended gratitude to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Australia in Fiji for facilitating the visit, emphasizing the importance of bilateral cooperation and friendship between Fiji and Australia.

The delegation anticipates productive meetings with the Speaker of the Parliament of Australia and the President of the Senate tomorrow, further fostering diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Accompanying the Speaker were members of parliament, including the Assistant Minister for Finance and Chairperson for the Standing Committee, Esrom

Immanuel, Tomasi Tunabuna; the Leader of the Opposition and Chairperson for the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, Inia Seruiratu; and the

Chairperson for the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, Viliame Naupoto.