Rapid surge in commercial businesses breaching residential leases

May 30, 2023 7:10 am

The Ministry of Housing and Local Government has highlighted the need to address the issue of commercial businesses operating in residential areas and violating residential leases.

Minister Maciu Nalumisa says that such activities are a direct breach of the lease agreement itself.

He states that the presence of commercial enterprises within residential neighborhoods has triggered widespread concern among authorities.

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“For some of the areas, there have been some complaints raised by residents, and that is where the respective municipalities go in and check, and if there is a breach, they have to serve respective notices to business concerns.”

Drawing attention to this pressing matter, the Minister emphasized that the operation of any business within a residential lease constitutes a flagrant violation of the established terms and conditions.

This stern announcement comes as an attempt to curb the growing trend and ensure that residential areas maintain their intended purpose.

Nalumisa stressed that residential areas are earmarked for peaceful dwelling and family-oriented activities, and the encroachment of commercial establishments poses a range of concerns.

By reaffirming the importance of adhering to residential lease regulations, the government intends to restore the sanctity of residential areas.