Police grapples with manpower issue

February 16, 2024 7:11 am

[Source: Fiji Police Force/Facebook]

The Fiji Police Force is grappling with a shortage of officers, which has led to the deployment of personnel from other divisions to assist in special operations.

This year, the police executed two drug busts in Nadi, and this is in addition to launching extensive efforts to eliminate marijuana through farm raids in various divisions.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Sakeo Raikaci highlights that the ongoing workforce issue has hindered the force’s ability to effectively conduct drug raids amid escalating concerns about drug-related problems.

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Raikaci emphasizes the difficulty of only focusing on combating drugs, given the prevalence of other criminal activities.

“In regard to incidents like drug raids and serious robberies, it drains our resources, workforce, and operations. But it’s up to the leadership how we manage so that we don’t focus alone on drugs because there are some other criminal activities on the other side.”

Raikaci also emphasizes the brigade’s current efforts in prioritizing available resources.

“So right now, we have to pull and push our resources. So in terms of workforce, in big operations like that, we pull from other divisions. Yes, I agree with that. Like the resources we need to resource the Fiji police force.”

To address the workforce shortage, the Fiji Police Force is set to boost its ranks by adding 200 new officers.

These recruits will undergo a four-month training program before joining the force.