Police Force faces personnel exodus

November 30, 2023 4:41 pm

The Fiji Police Force remains steadfast in the face of changing circumstances, demonstrating confidence in its ability to adjust and overcome challenges.

However, Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew has noted that approximately 123 police officers have departed, creating noticeable gaps in the workforce.

Seeking to maintain the unwavering provision of vital services, the force emerges as a stronghold of stability in the endeavor to safeguard public safety.

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The Acting Commissioner acknowledges the difficulties faced by the force but remains resolute in addressing these challenges head-on.

“Our mandated duty is to serve the community, and we will continue to do that despite the challenges that we have.”

Chew is adamant that the force is looking into ways to mitigate the effects of the officers leaving the force.

“And for us to recruit new constables to join the organization. So when they come in, they will join the workforce.”

UK Defense Advisor Lieutenant Colonel Sophie Waters reiterates the British Government’s commitment to supporting the Fiji Police Force.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Police Force also celebrated the 50th anniversary of Police Mobile Unit existence in the country.