Parts of Ba remain under flood waters

March 17, 2024 12:36 pm

Flooding in Ba [ Source: Moshim Khan]

A number of areas and roads in Ba are flooded due to continuous heavy rain.

Ba Town Council’s Special Administrators Chair, Moshim Khan says rain has not eased much since last night.

He is urging the public to take the necessary precautions and stay away from any harm.

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“Everyone just keep safe and try to get clean drinking water because the rain has not yet stopped. Get your basic food in place. Just prepare for the worst and please do not cross flood waters.”

Flooding in Ba [ Source: Moshim Khan]

Khan says police officers are on the ground to monitor the current situation and provide assistance where necessary.

In Ba, the Marinitawa 1st Crossing is closed to all traffic.

Flooding in Ba [ Source: Moshim Khan]

Nacaci Crossing on Toge Road, Varadoli Cemetery Crossing on Cemetery Road, Babriban 1st and 2nd Crossings, Vatawai Crossing, Navala Village Crossing, Vutuni 3rd Crossing, Cross Culvert, Seal Road section on Kouka Road, Votua Road, Koroboya Road and Elevuka Road are under flood waters and closed to all traffic.