Outsource Fiji focuses on training and skills development

March 8, 2024 6:59 am

The significant exodus of skilled workers impacting the outsourcing sector has led to businesses finding innovative solutions to fill the void and adapting to the changing landscape.

Outsource Fiji Executive Director Sagufta Janif says that they have a pool of individuals available; however, the focus is on elevating their skills to meet the demands of international businesses.

Therefore, Janif adds that Outsource Fiji’s proactive stance aligns with a broader industry trend where companies are investing in training and development programs to nurture talent internally.

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“We do have people available. It’s a matter of sort of bringing them to that level to be able to provide the services to the international businesses. So that’s what we are trying to do as we outsource Fiji to see how we can bridge those gaps.”

Janif has highlighted plans to build and create awareness about the outsourcing industry locally.

She adds that they are planning on working with schools and institutions to see how best they can work with them to further promote the industry as an employment choice sector.

The Executive Director adds that outsourcing is an industry that is able to provide Fijians with access to global opportunities.