NFA sets certification limit for buildings

November 17, 2023 5:07 pm

The National Fire Authority has set a certification limit for buildings, restricting certification to structures up to the eighth level.

Above this threshold, developers are required to follow the building code, specifically implementing firefighting suppression measures such as sprinklers and fire extinguishers.

NFA chief executive, Puamau Sowane, emphasizes that for buildings extending beyond the eighth level, developers must meet additional firefighting suppression requirements.

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Developers can opt to engage foreign fire compliance officers to assist NFA in the compliance process.

“For developers, when they come to us, we will tell the, Ok, we will need a fire engineer on this, it is their responsibility and it is their duty to being in their fire engineer to certify. Once we receive a report from a registered fire engineer that its compliance, that’s it, we will go by it.”

Sowane underscores the developers’ responsibility to involve a fire engineer for certification.

NFA will rely on a compliance report from a registered fire engineer for the certification process.

To ensure compliance with NFA fire safety standards, the authority retains the authority to issue a Public Notice of Closure if developers fail to adhere.