New minimum wage set for August 1st implementation

April 12, 2024 4:55 pm

The new national minimum wage rate will be implemented on August 1st.

This has been disclosed by the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Agni Deo Singh, who says it is currently one of the main focus of his ministry.

Singh says the Employment Relations Board and the Wages Council are working together to revise the current minimum wage rate.

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He says they are holding consultations with workers, employers, and government officials.

“The minimum wage rate will be announced in the next budget, and the budget is on. June 28. By then, the exercise will be completed, and all the minimum wage and wages for all different sectors will be announced in the budget. Then it will be effective on August 1st.”

Singh says the Ministry is also in the process of appointing a qualified consultant who will assist in the research.

The Ministry of Finance is also part of the process.

Meanwhile, the name change for the ministry has been approved by the cabinet, but it will be effective on August 1, and it will be known as the Ministry of Employment, Productivity, and Workplace Relations.