Natural Disaster

Roads closed due to flooding

January 25, 2024 6:40 am

[Source: Fiji Roads/ Facebook]

The Fiji Roads Authority has confirmed that several roads are closed off in the Central and Western Divisions due to flooding.

The Colata Cocoa Road (Wainibuka crossing), Navolokani Crossing on Navolokani and Vatulili Road, and Waidradra Bridge are underwater and closed to all traffic.

In the Western Division, the Navula Road first crossing, Marinitawa Rd, Ba, 1st Crossing, Varadoli Road, Ba, Varadoli Cemetery Road, Ba, and Katudrau Crossing, Rakiraki, are closed to all traffic.

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According to the FRA the Naseyani Road, Tavua, Viti Vanua Crossing CH3998, Korotale Valley Road, Rakiraki, Yaladro Road, Tavua, Qalela Road, Tavua 1st Xing CH280, Matacawa Road, Tavua Crossing CH678, and Rukuruku Road, Tavua, are also closed to traffic.

The FRA is urging Fijians not to attempt to cross or drive through floodwater, to find alternate routes if possible, or to wait for the water to recede before proceeding.