Natural Disaster

Lucky escape for a family at Valebasoga

March 18, 2024 4:16 pm

A mother and her four children are counting their blessings after safely escaping a landslide last night.

Siyazun Nisha resides with her four children at Valebasoga outside Labasa town says that she was just finishing talking to her husband when she heard a loud noise outside her home around 8pm.

She opened the window only to see her compound covered with 3-foot-high mud moving towards her home.

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Nisha then quickly woke up her children who were already sleeping with the help of her neighbor to evacuate the house before the soil reached the wall of the house.

Their family car was also swept by the mudslide, but luckily it was stopped at the walls of the house.

“I have about 3 feet of soil in my compound, and I want it to be cleared, and I need that assistance from the from the government.”

A few of her ducks and chickens were also swept by the strong current of mud and water last night and she is still traumatized by what transpired.

Nisha and her children are now residing with her neighbor and she is hoping that the government will assist her to relocate back to her house.