Muanivatu tribe acknowledges Ministry assistance

January 3, 2024 11:01 am

[Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/ Facebook]

The Yavusa of Muanivatu in the village of Vuadomo in Cakaudrove has acknowledged the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs for assisting the Muanivatu Strategic Development Plan.

This follows the recent launch of the Muanivatu Trails project through the eco-tourism project with assistance from the Fiji National Provident Fund.

In a statement, the Itaukei Ministry highlights that this is part of the solesolevaki framework in collaboration with other branches of the Ministry in finding solutions to assist villages.

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[Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/ Facebook]

This follows the recent release by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics that 75 percent of the Fiji population living in poverty are iTaukei which the Ministry is working towards finding solutions to address it.

[Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/ Facebook]

More plans and initiatives are planned for itaukei communities in this new year.