Morris Apartments attract locals and expats

June 11, 2024 5:32 am

[Source: Supplied]

The newly unveiled Morris Apartments in Suva stand as a beacon of modern living with a price tag exceeding $3 million.

Investment Fiji’s CEO Kamal Chetty stresses the necessity for Fiji to attract more visitors and accommodate its growing expatriate population.

He says the project is a testament to the high standards of living available in Suva.

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Acknowledging the developers’ commitment to Fiji, Chetty applauds their efforts, alongside those of other real estate investors in reshaping luxury living standards in Suva.

Investor Ajay Morris echoes Chetty’s sentiments, emphasizing their commitment to Fiji’s growth.

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Highlighting the project’s significance within Suva’s tourism industry, Morris expresses pride in seeing the apartments become home to locals and expatriates.

Strategically located near Suva’s main city center, the Morris Apartments not only provide luxurious accommodation but also create employment opportunities in property management, security and landscaping sectors.

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The project’s impact extends beyond direct employment, benefiting the construction and furnishing industries through local subcontracting and procurement from retailers.

Emphasizing the role of real estate investment in Fiji’s tourism sector, the Morris Apartments exemplify the kind of investment necessary to meet Fiji’s increasing demand for quality accommodation.