Minister confirms technical testing on water project

January 7, 2024 7:59 am

The Vanua of Viria in Naitasiri asserts that the Water Treatment Plant is currently in partial operation, according to claims made by Vunivalu Ratu Joseva Malobitu.

These reports though unverified allegedly originate from individuals in nearby villages who were involved in the project.

Ratu Joseva states that as per information from certain workers, the project has concluded and is undergoing technical tests.

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He notes positive feedback from Rewa Delta villagers indicating an improvement in water supply compared to the previous intermittent service.

“This is a one-time development for our village and we want to ensure that this generation and the generations to come to benefit from it and so we needs the government to act on our plea.”

While pleased with the news of enhanced water access for the community, Ratu Joseva expresses frustration at the lack of official confirmation regarding the project’s completion.

“I have instructed the villagers to await the confirmation of the opening day for the project from the village headman because we keep receiving flying news about its opening date.”

He raises concerns about the government’s ineffective communication with landowners, citing unconfirmed reports from the past year about the project’s imminent opening without subsequent substantive updates.

“This project has enabled the adequate and access supply of clean water to affected communities and we are thankful. Love needs to be reciprocated and this is what we are asking the government to do.”

Highlighting their demands which include a $9 million compensation, consistent water supply for five villages and road rehabilitation, Ratu Joseva acknowledges the government’s ownership of the project site but emphasizes the impact on the village’s fishing ground requiring compensation for future generations.

In response, Public Works Minister Ro Filipe Tuisawau briefly confirms that the water project is undergoing technical testing.

“What I can tell you now is going through testing, technical testing, through technical testing, and I will also be providing an update in the next two, three weeks on that when I discuss water.”

However, he has yet to specify the anticipated opening date.

Questions directed to the Minister by FBC News regarding this matter remain unanswered.