Millennials fuel SPX boom

June 11, 2024 4:35 pm

Sheraj Obeyeskere

Young investors are increasingly participating in the stock exchange, according to South Pacific Stock Exchange.

Chief Executive Sheraj Obeyeskere, notes that a significant portion of SPX investors are under the age of 35.

Last month’s SPX report revealed that a large share of new investors were also under 35, aligning with global trends.

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“Well, in terms of SPX, what I would say is we would have to look at the numbers, because obviously I just got here, but globally, yes, there is a trend towards investing.”

Obeyeskere highlights that traditionally, older generations have favored bank savings and fixed-income products.

However, young investors worldwide are showing more interest in equities and diverse asset types.

In Fiji, SPX plans to actively engage with current young investors and attract more to the exchange, offering tailored solutions to support their investment activities.