Marriage invalidates prior nominations

February 16, 2024 12:25 pm

Fiji National Provident Fund General Manager of Member Services Alipate Waqairawai warns that members must be aware that any nominations made prior to marriage are automatically voided once they enter into union.

Waqairawai highlighted the complexities that arise when account holders neglect to submit nominations.

He says failure to do so could lead to someone other than the account holder determining the recipient of funds in the event of worst-case scenarios.

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“The fact that you are married nullifies that nomination; if something happens to you, that matter will have to go to the High Court, and you can understand the delays that’s happening.”

Waqairawai reiterated that FNPF nominations are not retained once the account holder enters into marriage.

He alludes to instances when married people fail to change their nominations, which often causes instability when the account holder passes away and the family of the deceased fights over who the savings go to.

Waqairawai also maintains that the mandated reason for the setup of the FNPF remains unchanged, which is to build savings for retirement purposes.