Maintaining curriculum relevance vital: Gavoka

April 16, 2024 12:10 pm

Education Minister Viliame Gavoka is stressing the importance of effective strategies to maintain curriculum relevance, cultural awareness, technological proficiency, and global competitiveness.

Gavoka believes this approach will enable students to effectively apply and reinforce concepts from the outcome-based curriculum in their daily lives.

The Minister highlights the necessity for a comprehensive review of the current education curriculum.

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“However, to improve the teaching, results need to be reviewed to capture new emerging concepts such as the Artificial Intelligence, AI, the 7Rs and the 3Rs, which is, as you know, reuse, reuse, recycle.”

Gavoka says teachers have received limited training in delivering newly introduced subjects.

“To make matters worse, the curriculum unit was downsized from 60 officers to 19, as research officers and some of the curriculum specialists were sent back to school during the restructure of 5 October 2020.”

The Education Ministry stresses the importance of equipping educators with essential tools and methodologies to effectively deliver the revised curriculum.