LTA urges strict adherence to code of practice

November 28, 2023 6:18 am

The Land Transport Authority is calling on all driving schools to strictly adhere to the Code of Practice in the wake of mounting concerns over alleged collusion between certain driving schools and LTA examiners.

Acting Chief Executive Irimaia Rokosawa has emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest standards in driver education to address the allegations and curb the rising number of road fatalities.

Rokosawa confirms that of the seventy-two fatalities this year, two drivers were still on learners permits.

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“Any proof or any allegation that has proven to where driving schools have been dealing; otherwise, we will come down hard on them. And this can end up in the cancellation of their driving school license or even the termination of their driving instructor permits.”

He says they are re-looking at certain procedures to address the pressing issues.

Fiji Driving Schools Association President Dhurup Kumar strongly believes that their members have been following the code of practice.

“I stand for my members and like the LTA to come out with facts and figures in comparing the pass rate for students going through driving schools vs students on private vehicles.”

The Association strongly recommends changes to LTA regulations for better control over practical driving lessons.