Last minute back to school shopping for parents

January 29, 2024 4:43 pm

As the academic year kicks off, a great number of parents and guardians from the villages and outer islands rushed to do their last-minute shopping in the capital city.

Major bookshops and uniform outlets around Suva were busy with parents doing their shopping as well as students ticking off the booklist requirements before classes begin tomorrow.

FBC News caught up with a few parents who shared their experience doing last-minute shopping.

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Back to school shopping

Mother Volau Tamainai says that she did her last-minute shopping because her sons just returned from Sydney.

“Because I want them to come and wear their school uniform so they can fit in, but I believe the prices have been the same since the last time we were here.”

Back to school shopping 

Another parent, Sandy Singh, says that while she managed to do her shopping, she also noticed a rise in the price of items.

“It’s quite expensive, but then again, we are good to go because we have to send the kids to school besides the price.”

In Fashion Shop, Manager Suresh Maisuria says the shop has been busy throughout the day, but they expect another week of shopping.

The first day of the academic school year begun with all heads of schools and teachers reporting to school today, while students will report to their schools tomorrow.