Islanders show resilience through self-funded rehabilitation

November 28, 2023 12:25 pm

Yaro Village in Kia Island

About 30 families of Yaro Village in Kia Island have showcased resilience, after self-funding the rehabilitation of their village following Tropical Cyclone Yasa in 2020.

The Category 5 Cyclone severely affected the village; leaving 14 families homeless, with their hall and church destroyed.

Turaga Ni Koro, Sulu Volauono, says they were able to adapt to the situation, and worked together to rebuild their lives with available resources.

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“The people who were in the village during TC Yasa were really traumatized, the majority of them still live in fear of natural disasters. Now, when a warning would be issued … they really fear for their lives, but they have learnt a valuable life-lesson – to be prepared for whatever comes their way.”

Volauono says individuals funded the construction of their houses, while they collectively raised $70,000 to rebuild their hall and church.

He encourages Fijians to lessen their dependence on assistance by the government in any adversity, and learn to live within their means.