Housing rehabilitation assistance underway

April 20, 2024 7:08 am

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Forestry is working with stakeholders to rebuild houses in various provinces which were damaged due to cyclones.

Minister Kalaveti Ravu highlighted this when questioned on housing rehabilitation assistance for the landowners through the Fiji Pine Trust.

Ravu says that with the support from the Fiji Pine Limited and Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited, they have been able to rehabilitate homes in the Northern division.

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Forestry Minister Kalaveti Ravu 

He adds that the ministry has supported the initiatives by training 28 carpenters and 20 portable shore mill operators.

“Through the Ministry of Forestry with its consultation with other agencies, we will continue to provide typical solutions for our maritime communities. There are much bigger plans in our next budget

Ravu says the Housing Rehabilitation Assistance is undertaken through three different agencies including the Ministry, Fiji Pine Trust and the Fiji Pine Limited.