Highly qualified pediatric nurses depart Fiji

December 2, 2023 5:07 pm

The Health Ministry has observed a significant surge in the departure of highly qualified nurses with specialized pediatric training.

Head of the Pediatric Department Doctor Ilisapeci Vereti stresses the impact of this exodus on the healthcare system, particularly in children’s hospitals where specialized care is of utmost importance.

She emphasizes that the ongoing departure of these essential healthcare professionals has imposed an additional strain on the existing workforce.

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Despite the challenges, the pediatric department is persevering with the resources at hand, leading health professionals to take on additional responsibilities and go above and beyond their regular duties.

“But at the moment we’re using general nurses to help us, and, you know, we just need to meet that need and always, you know, work out solutions to solve that.”

Head of the Pediatric Department Doctor Ilisapeci Vereti

Addressing the situation, Dr Vereti assures that the hospital remains committed to providing quality care for every child, even in the face of this global shift in healthcare personnel.

She highlights the department’s determination to explore innovative solutions to ensure that every child receives the specialized attention they rightfully deserve.

This commitment, Dr Vereti adds reflects the hospital’s resilience amid the evolving landscape of healthcare personnel worldwide.