Combatting foodborne diseases through collaboration

February 29, 2024 4:13 pm

[Source: HL]

The Ministry of Health’s Food Unit and Competent Authority is tasked with overseeing the overall food safety work in Fiji.

This covers both towns and city municipalities and all the health offices throughout Fiji, which ensures the industry’s compliance with food laws to protect consumers, ensure public health, and promote fair trade practices.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Dr Andrew Tukana, during the 2nd colloquium, highlighted the importance of collaboration in shaping the future of the food standards, aiming to create a positive and long-lasting impact on the region’s food industry.

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He emphasized that foodborne diseases, continue to pose a challenge in the Pacific region, including Fiji.

“Foodborne diseases has been an issue for all societies since the beginning of humanity, the types, severity and impact of these illnesses have evolved over the ages and are still diverse across regions, countries and communities.”

Dr Tukana says that identifying gaps and promoting food safety practices can help the countries harmonize food regulations.

“By clarifying jurisdictional boundaries, identifying gaps in regulatory frameworks, and promoting consistency in food safety management practices, members can work towards harmonizing food regulations across borders. Also by investing in the professional development regulatory staff”

Fiji will play its role in executing consultative discussions with all the Codex Committee for North America and the South West Pacific member countries in moving forward the agenda that has been agreed on to ensure that everyone in the region contributes to food safety.