GCC Complex reconstruction gets traditional approval

February 1, 2024 3:54 pm

[Source: Supplied]

Turaga na Tui Suva Sanaila Mudunavosa, has traditionally granted approval for the reconstruction of the Vale ni Bose, commonly known as the Great Council of Chiefs Complex or “Na Yavalati ni Yavu ni Valenibose Vakaturaga”.

This decision ushers in a new era, signifying a landmark event for the iTaukei people and the cultural heritage of the nation.

The approval by Tui Suva Mudunavosa, marks a crucial step in the reconstruction process, emphasizing the significance of this project in the cultural landscape of Fiji.

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[Turaga na Tui Suva Sanaila Madanavosa]

It heralds a new era for the iTaukei people, symbolizing progress, unity, and the preservation of cultural identity.

The reconstruction project is a dedicated effort to preserve and promote the cultural heritage embodied by the GCC Complex, ensuring that future generations can connect with the rich history and traditions of the iTaukei community.

Upon traditionally accepting the request for the reconstruction or ‘yavalati ni yavu’ , Turaga na Tui Suva stated that this is a historic moment for Fiji.

He adds the project is not just about physical reconstruction but also about revitalizing the cultural roots and ensuring a legacy for generations to come.