FRA calls for change in attitude

March 28, 2024 9:53 am

[Photo: Supplied]

The Fiji Roads Authority believes that improper household waste management is one major contributing factor to recurring surface flooding around the country.

The FRA says these environmental pollutants are contributing significantly to drainage blockage during heavy rain.

The Authority has raised serious concerns regarding the careless disposal of waste materials, such as rubbish, recyclables, or hazardous substances, on the side of the road and dumping household waste materials into water bodies.

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The Authority believes that this negligent approach to waste management can have severe repercussions for both our well-being and the environment, as well as recurring surface flooding around the country.

FRA confirms that they are working closely with respective councils to facilitate the clearing of blocked drains and culverts on a regular basis and that they request assistance from the public to ensure effective waste disposal.

The Fiji Roads Authority reminds the public to refrain from improperly disposing of household waste, as it has a drastic impact on our environment and is a great contributor to flooding.