Fiji's Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

February 3, 2024 6:33 am

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

Wetland destruction poses a serious threat to Fiji’s biodiversity and the overall economic well-being of communities dependent on land and marine resources.

This was highlighted by the Assistant Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister, Sakiusa Tubuna while marking World Wetlands Day at the Civic Centre in Suva yesterday.

Fiji currently prioritizes two wetland areas, the Upper Navua Conservation Area and “Qoliqoli Cokovata”.

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“It is one of the most significant vegetation in Fiji that has endemic and endangered Sago Palm and the undisturbed Upper Navua is host to important fauna and flora including breeding sites of popular endemic freshwater fish.”

Secretary for Environment and Climate Change, Dr Sivendra Michael, also attended the event and said the launch of the wetland directory will include an inventory of wetland sites aimed at being protected and restored.

“We have just launched today our wetlands directory that provides an update on the number of sites and the specific unique features so what we are doing right now is working with different partners to find areas that are on the verge of losing and how we can conserve them.”

The ministry says they are committed to conserving wetlands and plans to put in place initiatives to mitigate climate impacts on wetlands. Moreover, they say they are actively working to protect and raise awareness on wetlands; however, call on stakeholders to work hand in hand to protect the biodiversity and sustain livelihoods.