Fijian urged to be cautious

January 13, 2024 12:15 pm

[File Photo]

Vodafone Fiji is calling on Fijians to be cautious and vigilant as scammers are coming up with innovative means of doing scams.

Head of Vodafone eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Sailendra Prasad, urges M-PAiSA users not to share their PIN or one-time password with unidentified callers claiming to be from Vodafone.

He has clarified that Vodafone customer care or Vodafone staff will never ask the customer for their PIN or OTP.

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Prasad says they continue to upgrade the M-PAiSA app, which is part of the process of improving the security of the system.

“We’ve been targeting a lot of customers who have yet to upgrade the app by sending them text messages to say, please upgrade. If they don’t upgrade by the 14th of this month, they will not be able to access the M-PAiSA account through the app.”

Prasad adds that the upgrade will restrict the account holder from being able to access the account from only their own device.

He adds that the user must undergo an authentication process to update the app.