Fiji records over $18m from Chinese tourism

December 11, 2023 12:24 pm

The tourism sector is experiencing a significant increase in Chinese visitors, with a recorded revenue of $18.1 million this year.

Minister Viliame Gavoka highlights that from January to October, the number of Chinese visitors to Fiji reached over 22,000, a notable increase from the 4,136 visitors during the same period last year.

Gavoka says although Fiji has yet to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels, there is a promising opportunity for growth.

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“Before COVID, we were getting close to 50,000 tourists a year, now if you look at other markets that have been there for many years, we never got 50,000. The Chinese in the matter of five years or so came to that number so telling us that once they are now back, we will soon get 50,000 and more.”

Gavoka emphasizes ongoing discussions regarding the establishment of direct flights to mainland China, foreseeing a substantial influx of Chinese tourists to Fiji and the broader Pacific region.