Fiji records lowest recidivism rate

March 26, 2023 7:46 am

Fiji has the lowest recidivism rate in its history, at 1.36 percent.

According to Fiji Corrections Service Acting Commissioner Salote Panapasa, only 32 former inmates have reoffended in the last two years, putting Fiji in a better position than other correctional facilities around the world.

“To date, there are a total of 32 recidivists with us out of the thousands that were released in the last 2 years”

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The Acting Commissioner attributes this success to Fiji’s innovative programs designed to assist prisoners in reintegrating into society and reducing their likelihood of reoffending.

Fiji’s recidivism rate is calculated based on whether an inmate reoffends within two years from their release.

Panapasa states that FCS remains committed to developing effective measures aimed at helping prisoners lead productive lives after their release.