Fiji explores collaborative endeavours with China

February 5, 2024 6:25 am

[ Source: Fiji Government /Facebook ] 

In a recent bilateral meeting, Chairman Luo of the China Development Cooperation and Assistant Minister from the Office of the Prime Minister Sakiusa Tubuna reiterated Fiji’s keen interest in learning from China’s successful approaches to poverty alleviation and inclusive development.

Tubuna emphasized Fiji’s commitment to economic empowerment in rural and maritime provinces.

He also expressed the need to adopt comprehensive strategies based on China’s diverse experiences, ranging from small villages to large multi-ethnic communities.

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The Minister acknowledged the valuable lessons that could be garnered from China’s success in poverty alleviation and stressed the importance of addressing this challenge across all social structures in rural and maritime provinces.

The meeting delved into Fiji’s specific development priorities with a focus on infrastructure projects and initiatives aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The engagement under the Global Development Initiative framework is expected to deepen with the Fiji Ambassador in Beijing playing a crucial role in identifying successful models from China that align with Fiji’s unique context.

Recognizing the significance of collaboration, Fiji aims to work closely with China to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth as it progresses towards its development goals.