Natural Disaster

Empowering communities for disaster preparedness

January 21, 2024 12:14 pm

[Source: Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council (FBDRC) / Facebook]

A Disaster Awareness initiative has been launched to enhance preparedness among stakeholders and communities.

The Disaster Management Department has carried out this initiative in partnership with the Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council to reduce damage and losses in the event of a disaster.

National Disaster Management Office Deputy Secretary Mitieli Cama highlights challenges in bringing behavioral changes in communities to comply with disaster advisories.

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“DRR is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, while the government and its stakeholders do its part, I urge all members of the public to equally contribute and play their role as responsible citizens”.

[Source: Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council (FBDRC) / Facebook]

Cama says these calendars will be distributed in schools and communities.

“These calendars include basic disaster awareness messages that can help individuals better prepare and stay safe during tropical cyclones, flooding, landslides and tsunamis”.

Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation Chief Executive Jonetani Tonawai highlights the continuous need for rolling out such initiatives.

“We must continue to develop and implement comprehensive disaster preparedness plans, build capacities within our communities and ensure effective communication and coordination across all stakeholders”.

The initiative involves the distribution of informative calendars to encourage behavioral changes and highlights the importance of disaster preparedness plans and community capacity building.