PS confirms some Navua schools are closed

November 28, 2023 9:08 am

Permanent Secretary for Education Selina Kuruleca, says some Navua schools from Rampur College to Nakavu are closed today due to flash flooding.

Kuruleca says the decision has been made after close consultation with the National Disaster Management Office.

She says more rain is in the forecast and there is a high tide is expected later this morning.

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Kuruleca is advising Heads of Schools to exercise caution and ensure that the safety of their children is paramount at all times.

She adds that any travelling external examination students who may have access restricted are to remain at home for their safety, and parents are requested to notify their Heads of Schools.

The PS states that in being consistent with other students who have not been able to sit external examinations this year, compassionate assessments will be applied as necessary.

Kuruleca says there have been no other reports of flooding or heavy downpours outside of Navua.

She adds that together with the NDMO they are urging parents to prioritize the safety of their children during such times and ensure that they stay away and refrain from attempting to cross flooded areas.