Call for the removal of a head of school

December 10, 2023 4:44 pm

Permanent Secretary for Education, Selina Kuruleca (left), Association President Isikeli Lualala

The Parents, Guardians, and Teachers Association of Nasinu Gospel Primary School is calling for the removal of the current head teacher, Sereima Waqalevu.

Association President Isikeli Lualala highlights that numerous issues and complaints of unprofessional behaviour have been reported against Waqalevu throughout the year.

More than 700 students are attending the school, and they are mostly affected by the head teacher’s continuous threats and dictatorial leadership.

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He says that the letter of complaint was submitted to the Education Ministry on October 23rd, but they have yet to receive a reply.

“Sadly, until today, we haven’t received any response or a decision to be made by the head teacher. What we want is her immediate removal. What we prioritize is a better and more quality education for our children, and she is not accepting that. What she focuses on is social and extracurricular activities and portraying dictatorship qualities.”

Lualala further notes that the current head teacher has severed communication and collaboration channels between teachers and parents. Moreover, there are reported threats of transferring teachers if they fail to comply.

“She is someone who opposes all submissions, requests, recommendations, and concerns of PGTA. She has a strong restriction on parents, praising unprofessional behavior, calling multiple teacher meetings, not being transparent about school funds, and so forth.”

In response, Permanent Secretary for Education, Selina Kuruleca, says they are aware of the issue at Nasinu Gospel Primary School.

“I can confirm that we have received a letter, and I can confirm that investigations are underway and we are waiting for a final recommendation.”

Attempts to get a comment from the school management remain futile.

In the meantime, the association remains hopeful that a new head of school will be appointed in the new academic year.