Education Ministry seeks legal advice from SG

June 5, 2024 4:46 pm

Selina Kuruleca

The Education Ministry is seeking legal advice from Solicitor General Ropate Green to conduct spot checks in school premises.

Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca, says this move is imperative as it will help to eliminate the use and trafficking of drugs by students.

She highlights that the Ministry will be engaging community and religious leaders to educate young Fijians on the negative impacts of illicit drugs.

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Kuruleca adds that the use and trafficking of illegal drugs in Fiji by youngsters is concerning and a holistic approach is needed to address this issue.

“The spot checks, the checking of students’ bags—we are currently seeking the advice of the Solicitor General on this because there are other child protection issues that we need to think about. Obviously, the greater welfare and safety of all the children are our bigger priorities, so we need to see how best we can do this and how best we can facilitate this without compromising.”

Kuruleca says the safety of students and teachers remains a priority.

The Education Ministry stresses that parents should stay alert and be informed of their children’s whereabouts and their daily activities in schools and outside their homes.