Council undertakes community initiatives

March 17, 2024 7:17 am

Residents of Kinoya, Caubati, and Laucala Beach yesterday showed up in large numbers for a cleanup campaign.

The Nasinu Town Council organized this initiative to encourage residents to play a part in improving their township.

The municipal council also provided health screenings and hosted a Talanoa session with the Local Government Minister, Maciu Nalumisa.

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Nalumisa says that initiatives like this is beneficial for all the parties involved.

The community engagement initiative organized by the Nasinu town council in a way is not only good of the council, its good for the community for the people that residence in Nasinu.

Nalumisa hopes that other municipalities will also take on such initiative.

“We want the other municipalities to emulate as well it brings together a sense of ownership between the council and as well as the community members.”

The minister is urging other municipalities to start engaging in their townships so that they are able to address issues that concern their communities.