Consultations on GCC Review to continue

May 30, 2023 12:56 pm

The Great Council of Chiefs Review team will continue with its consultations this month.

Chair, Dr Jone Baledrokadroka says the consultations are crucial as they need to get the views and opinions of people regarding the review of the GCC.

Dr Baledrokadroka says the data collected from the people will help them with the review methodology.

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“We have done I think over 40 consultations and I think we have received this over 800 questionnaires. So by the end of this review I think we will do over 100 to 200 consultations and the questionnaires I think we will be counting them in the thousands because we just started distributing it online last week so for another few weeks. So once the news gest out for the questionnaires to be filled, then you will see the numbers increase and that’s what we want.”

Dr Baledrokdroka is encouraging people to fill the questions and be part of the face-to-face consultations, as this will give them an idea on review areas.

The team has done consultations in nine provinces with five more left before a report is compiled for the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, the GCC and the cabinet for endorsement.