Constitutional officer’s remuneration to be reviewed

April 16, 2024 12:51 pm

Prime Minister and Constitutional Offices Commission Chair Sitiveni Rabuka

Prime Minister and Constitutional Offices Commission Chair Sitiveni Rabuka says that remuneration or allowances paid to some previous office holders are subject to certain investigation by the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption.

Rabuka confirmed this in parliament this morning while highlighting the establishment of an independent committee tasked with advising the COC on appropriate remuneration and allowances for all constitutional officers.

Rabuka says the committee consists of Cama Raimuria as the Chair, Salote Uluinaceva and Elenoa Biukoto.

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Rabuka adds the recruitment process is underway for the positions of Supervisor of Elections, Auditor General, and Fiji Correction Services Commissioner.

He says the COC intends to deliberate on the suitable candidates for the appointments in its next meeting on April 29th.

“The remuneration and allowance for future appointments including those for Supervisor of Elections, Commissioner Corrections, and Auditor General will be based on the recommendations of the independent committee as mandated by the section 136 of the constitution.”

Currently, Ana Mataiciwa, Sairusi Dukuno and Salote Panapasa are acting in these positions respectively.

Rabuka says during his tenure as the COC chair, they have appointed Luke Rokovada as Public Service Commission Chair and Barbara Malimali as the Chair of the Electoral Commission.