Cancer society calls for more government support

October 1, 2023 7:38 am

The Fiji Cancer Society is urging the government to provide maintenance plans for equipment to sustain cancer screening.

This is because the organization does not receive funding from the government to carry out projects to minimize the impacts of cancer on national development.

CEO Belinda Chan says a lot of money is spent on treating cancer, and the Fiji Cancer Society believes collaboration between the public and private sectors is critical.

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“Cancer is not cheap, any illness that requires attention has an impact on the economy, it’s a financial burden, and if you’re an employee, it’s an impact on your employer and so it just trickle. It goes right across the spectrum of the economies of scale, so we want a little bit more commitment from government in terms of machines…either replaced or actually in working condition, so our people, our women, our children and our men can access these.”

Chan stresses that a little bit more commitment from the government will ensure the machines are in working condition for those diagnosed with cancer.

Through a corporate partnership, the Society was able to procure and donate two pieces of urology equipment for men to the Ministry of Health earlier this year.

“So those are the equipment that we want government to take ownership of, the equipment is there, make sure there’s a plan in place to sustain it over the years.”

The Fiji Cancer Society launched its 2023 Pinktober campaign with a ‘pink walk’ across the main cities yesterday.

The society has been raising awareness for years on how to prevent cancer from being the third leading cause of death in Fiji, but now it wants people to take ownership of their health.